the clay and me


My daily work at the pottery wheel is a boundless game full of brio.
The clay is my friend. I am not willing to force him into an intended form. Instead, I let him grow and lend him my hand to find his own character and spirit. So, every mug, bowl and cup is born out of a cheerful dance filled with pleasure, love and thankfulness.

All made of simple earth, burnt and glazed in fire, they enshrine the sound powers of nature as well as the benign charm of their genesis. And they carry this charm, this love out to the world. Into your hands, onto your table.

the product

All my pottered friends are made from high quality stoneware clay, fired and tightly sintered above 1240°C.

I mainly use my own crafted glazes, blended from natural resources like quartz, feldspar, chalk and limestone, and I tint them with safe metals like iron, titanium, tin and copper or with milled stained glass. My glazes are wholly non-toxic, robust and suitable for daily use.