All about ceramics

Yes, the clay and all the glazes I use are all non-toxic and food safe.
So you can be sure that my ceramics will not harm you or your body.

As I usually fire my ceramics at a temperature of at least 1240 degrees, you can of course heat them up in the oven or microwave.

But please pay attention to sudden temperature changes.
A small example for this: Do not pour cold water into a heated ceramic, otherwise it could crack.

I do not recommend using it directly on the hotplate.

Apart from that, you can enjoy your coffee, tea, soup, casserole.. without any worries.

The ceramic does not need any special care. Make sure that it is not washed in the dishwasher too often. Cherish it and it will stay with you forever!

Yes, I take great care of our environment. My clay, glazes and the whole process that contributes to the creation of my ceramics is environmentally friendly. The packaging of your ordered parcel is kept as natural as possible.

The materials I use are of natural origin. All raw materials are vegan and sourced from Germany and/or the EU.

Shop, shipping and payment
  • Germany 5 €
    Free over 50 €
  • EU 15 €
    Free over 150 €
  • Switzerland and UK 26 €
    Free over 250 €

You will receive an email with your personal tracking code, right after your ceramics have been carefully packed and handed over to DHL.

Not yet, but feel free to get in touch if you live outside the EU and want to buy one of my ceramics.

To my knowledge you only have to pay duty if you live in Switzerland.

If you are disappointed with your new pieces or if there is anything else wrong with your order, please feel free to contact me.

If you really want to return the ceramics, I can´t cover the return costs and rely on the fact that the ceramics are unused and in their original, new condition.

If your returned items are unfortunately damaged in transit, I can´t refund your money or send you a replacement.

I´ve written descriptions of each item as accurately as I could, so please read everything carefully before ordering.

Many thanks for your patience and understanding.

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